Colorectal Cancer – Types, Symptoms and Treatments

ddCancer that begins in the colon is called colon cancer, and the cancer that begins in the rectum is called rectal cancer. Cancers affecting either of these organs also may be called colorectal cancer. It is a disease which malignant (cancer) cells first form in the tissues of the colon. Colorectal cancer occurs in rectum or the large intestine. This type of cancer occurs when abnormal tissues grow on the inner walls of the colon and rectum. These abnormal tissues commonly present in the form of polyps. Polyps grow as a projection of tissue away from the colon wall, remaining connected to the colon wall of a thin stalk. Their shape is similar that of a mushroom. Polyps are fairly common, especially in older people. The vast majority of polyps are not cancerous. However, some polyps will eventually become cancerous. Unchecked, a cancerous polyp gives rise to a tumor, which grows in size until it penetrates to bowel wall and involves adjacent organs and lymph nodes through the process known as metastasis.


In general, colorectal cancers tend to be slow growing, gradually enlarging and eventually penetrating the bowel wall. When they do spread, it is usually through invasion of nearby lymph nodes. On the right side of the colon near the cecum, cancers usually grow into the space within the colon. They can become large enough to be painful and are likely to cause bleeding. In these cases anemia from chronic blood loss is often the first sign and is why a stool test for occult, or hidden, blood is important.

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Is Cancer A Fungus?

tCancer is devastating. It’s a terrible disease that ends the lives of millions and ruins the lives of our families and friends.

My family has been affected by cancer and it’s made me think about things I do not want to think about. In a strange way, via a mixture of fear and anger its motivated me to help the people closest to me and further improve my health, for now and for the future.

I thought twice about writing an article about this very sensitive, and for me personally, emotional topic.

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Alternative Cancer Medicine: Improve Your Odds Against Cancer

1Those of us who work with cancer patients, we wish cancer was not so common – not so daunting, not so overwhelming and scary. But the reality is that there is a desperate need for accurate information, trustworthy information, and even more urgent desire for a cure and, ultimately, an ironclad prevention plan. In this article my aim is to deliver informed hope, not false hope. The goal is to present information on integrative cancer prevention and treatment in a practical and useful manner so you will be able to make informed decisions based on your specific circumstances and comfort level. You have choices. Many researchers believe that the best way to treat cancer is using a multidimensional approach, many of which are mentioned in this article. Do not underestimate the power of lifestyle changes and proper diet they have been proven to be key factors in treating cancer and many other illnesses.

Accurate information is power.
There is a lot to be gained from accurate and trusted information. Research shows that, “informed patients reported significantly higher levels of hope than those who were not informed.” Unfortunately trying to get the right information can be difficult and frustrating. Integrative oncology, which is the term now used to describe complementary and alternative medicine to treat cancer – it can be described as the responsible blending of applicable traditional, supplemental and alternative healing methods with appropriate conventional medical tools. Integrative oncology takes advantage of the body’s own capacity for self-healing. An integrative approach will bolster the patients’ own internal defenses and help ease the side effects of conventional cancer treatments.
Healing from cancer requires a mind-body-spirit approach.

There is clear and abundant scientific evidence and information on the safety and effectiveness of diet lifestyle, nutrients and herbs for use in the cancer prevention and treatment. People heal each other in very simple ways by listening, accepting, caring and, understanding.

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Gastrointestinal Cancers

eSome facts about Cancer

Cancer is a generic term for a large group of diseases that can affect any part of the body. One defining feature of cancer is the rapid creation of abnormal cells that grow beyond their usual margins, and then these abnormal cells can then invade adjacent parts of the body, therefore spread to other organs.

Sadly, it knows no boundaries. Men, women and children are all at risk. According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, there were just about 12.7 million cancer cases seen in the world in 2008. This number was further divided and showed that about 6.6 million of them were male and 6.0 million female. These startling numbers are estimated to increase up to 21 million by the year 2030.

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My 10 Suppressed Natural Cancer Cures

qAs I have been saying in previous articles the medical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled cancer establishment do not want you to know that ever since time immemorial there has been cheap, natural and non-toxic cures for cancer.

If any of these non-patentable cures were allowed to be known to the public at large then, as a result, they would seriously undercut the medical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled cancer establishment’s business. So, whether it has been through making these successful alternative cures with their related practitioners illegal or paying off the mainstream media to blackout, ignore or ridicule, even when knowing they do in effect cure cancer, the establishment have shown that money is more important to them than truth.

The establishment’s treatment of cancer: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery largely achieve poor results and cancer is therefore only a major life-threatening illness because of the suppression of the highly effective cheap, natural and non-toxic cures.

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